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Welcome to the registration page of Voicecommunication.
Who are the users of Voicecommunication? Advertising agencies, marketing companies, press offices, film production companies, radio and TV studios and any kind of direct company, multinational corporation, start-up, developers of video games, websites, etc… We have satisfied customers all over the world.
Why join us? Because are always more customer who visit our website looking for professional voices for their projects: TV, radio, Internet, e-learning, IVR, applications and so on.
To register your profile on Voicecommunication you don’t have to pay nothing, it’s totally free!

We carefully select our voice talents, to provide our customers with highest professionalism. So if you record in your home studio you have to be able to provide us high quality audio recordings. Otherwise you can record in a professional studio. Once you have added the informations required, our staff will check these ones and, if found suitable, your profile will be published on our website.

Our customers are looking for high quality voices, so please read carefully the selection criteria before the registration:
  1. You must have experience in recording of dubbing and voiceover.
  2. You must have a good quality home studio or the chance to record in a professional studio.
  3. Your demos must be in high quality audio format: MP3 stereo 320 kpps 16 bit 44100 Hz.
  4. You have to upload a minimum of 1 to a maximum of 6 demos into your personal area.More demos you have, more opportunities you have to be chosen by our customers. To have more effect on them, we suggest you to upload audio files that better reveal the versatility of your voice (advertising, educational, narrative, etc…).
  5. Each audio file must not exceed 30 seconds and, at least some, should not have backgroundmusic.
  6. The audio files must not contain your name and your contact details. We do not agree to publish demos with these informations.

Do you want to update your profile?

Contact us on, our staff will then proceed with updating the profile.

The registration is very easy

Start writing some informations about you, like for example your personal informations, your native language, your work experiences, etc.
Then upload your files. We suggest you to upload more than one demos (up to a maximum of 6 different demo if possible).

  • general (of your choice)
  • commercial (spot radio/TV)
  • educational (e-learning)
  • character (dialects, imitations, etc.)
  • institutional

Upload the demos that better represent your voice, so the customer who visits your profile will be able to appreciate your quality and versatility.

    Where are you living? (City)
    Skype account
    How do you record? Describe your technical equipments or if you work in a recording studio*(max 300 caracters)
    Work experiences. Tell us something about you... *(max 400 characters)

    To provide a better service to a client and to include you in our casting, specify an approximate euros or dollars rate for the following projects. Project type (No Broadcast usage-No sync): E-Learning-Educational-Training-PhoneMessages-Voicemail-IVR-Video Corporate Internal- Cinema-Apps

    Select the currency*
    Up to 40 words (10 seconds approximately)*
    Up to 85 words (30 seconds approximately)*
    Up to 150 words (1 minute approximately)*
    Up to 300 words (2 minutes approximately)*
    Up to 750 words (6 minutes approximately)*
    Up to 1500 words (12 minutes approximately)*
    Up to 2500 words (20 minutes approximately)*
    Up to 3250 words (26 minutes approximately)*
    Up to 5300 words (44 minutes approximately)*
    Up to 7500 words (62 minutes approximately)*
    Up to 10.000 words (82 minutes approximately)*

    Upload a JPG photo max 2 MB, max pixel 300x300

    IMPORTANT: Filename “firstname_lastname.jpg - The image will be used only for internal archive”

    Upload your demo (max 6) with the following properties:

    MP3, 320 kbps, 44.100 hz, stereo, maximum length 30 seconds (about 2 MB) More the demo quality is high more you have the opportunity to take part in voice casting.
    IMPORTANT: Filename “firstname_lastname_d1.mp3”
    Change the demo number for any other files: d2, d3, d4, d5, d6

    Demo 1*
    Of your choice
    Demo 2 - Commercial
    Demo 3 - Educational
    Audioguide, E-learning, ecc.
    Demo 4 - Narrative
    Audiobooks, Recitation,ecc.
    Demo 5 - Characterisation
    Dialects, Impressions, ecc.
    Demo 6 - Institutional
    Social commercial, Editorial, ecc.